Building a Career in Emirates Airlines as a Pilot

Building a Career in Emirates Airlines as a Pilot

If you want to be a pilot, consider a career in Emirates Airlines. Discover the benefits of an Emirates pilot career and understand the job requirements.

One of the many airlines that flies in and out of Australia is Emirates Airlines. Based in Dubai, Emirates is the Middle East’s largest airline and the largest operator of the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380– two of the largest widebody jets. Flying for Emirates is a rewarding career pathway; non-type-rated first officer positions start around $12,990 a month, with overtime rated at about $213 per hour. Emirates is a highly-rated airline with demanding standards, but the career satisfaction and opportunities for growth make the demands worth it.

Emirates Airlines: A Brief Overview

Emirates Airlines is the largest international airline and has become synonymous with luxury. From their award-winning ICE (information, communication and entertainment) system to their world-class catering services, Emirates is the pinnacle of sophistication. Its fleet is one of the youngest in international service, and they regularly purchase and rotate in new planes. The 158 locations they serve include global destinations on every continent– except Antarctica, of course! In Australia, they fly in and out of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. 

Emirates operates a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft, all wide-body jets. They maintain a young fleet, with an average age of 10.4 years, so you’ll need to be ready to stay updated if you plan on a piloting career in Emirates Airlines!

Emirates Careers Australia

Although Emirates Airlines is based in Dubai, they have an international presence. To start thinking about an Emirates pilot career, you will need the highest level of pilot licence offered in Australia: the Airline Transport Pilot Licence, or ATPL. This level of pilot licence requires a lot of work. You must have a commercial pilot licence, as well as a minimum of 1,500 hours flight experience. There are also seven theory exams you need to pass– but once you do so, you are qualified to fly internationally, and can qualify for flying for Emirates. 

The Emirates pilot lifestyle involves substantial international travel; you will be required to move to Dubai if you want a job with them. The company provides housing in their own gated community; pilots and their families receive lodging in a 3 or 4 bedroom villa for the duration of employment. Emirates will cover the cost of utilities and municipality taxes as long as you stay in company housing, and your salary is not taxed locally. 

An Emirates pilot career starts with Emirates pilot training. If you aren’t a UAE national who joins up with their cadet training program, you will need to have your ATPL and join in as a first officer. This will let you get the experience you need flying wide-body jets, and you can then qualify for promotion to pilot. There is even an accelerated pilot program that can put you in command even faster!

However, keep in mind that “fast” is a relative term. Emirates prides itself on safety and an excellent flying experience, and you will need thousands of hours of flight time before you qualify for a command position. Once you’re offered a position with Emirates Airlines, you will undergo a comprehensive training program, including type rating training on the specific aircraft type operated by the airline. This will involve classroom instruction at their training centre in Dubai, simulator sessions, and flight training. 

Benefits Of An Emirates Pilot Career

Obviously, having to relocate and meet Emirates’ demanding requirements for experience is intense. But Emirates Airlines makes a career as a pilot highly desirable. They offer highly competitive salaries and benefits packages for its pilots, including base pay, flight pay, and allowances for housing, transportation, and other expenses. You and your family qualify for upgradable airline tickets every year, and they offer a very generous relocation package. And in addition to living allowances, Emirates Airlines offers high-end health and wellness benefits for its employees. This includes comprehensive medical insurance, wellness programs, and access to some of the world’s best healthcare facilities and services.

Your career with Emirates Airlines comes with enormous growth potential. Pilots have the opportunity to gain experience on a variety of aircraft types and may have the chance to upgrade to higher ranks and positions within the airline. Additionally,  Emirates Airlines’ global network provides pilots with the opportunity to travel to diverse destinations and experience different cultures around the world.

Training with Emirates Airlines is also highly rewarding. The airline provides comprehensive training programs for its pilots, including type rating training on the specific aircraft types operated by the airline. Pilots receive ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge throughout their careers. Emirates Airlines is one of the world's leading airlines, known for its excellent safety record, strong financial performance, and reputation for quality service. Pilots benefit from working for a stable and reputable airline with a global presence.

Emirates Airlines is known for its modern fleet of aircraft and world-class facilities, including state-of-the-art training centres, crew accommodations, and even airport lounges. Pilots benefit from working with cutting-edge technology and amenities designed to enhance their comfort and convenience. Pilots and their families enjoy generous travel benefits, including discounted or complimentary travel on Emirates Airlines and partner airlines, as well as access to numerous travel perks. 

Ready To Start Your Emirates Pilot Career?

Emirates Airlines is a fantastic employer for pilots, and the first step is getting your ATPL. Without an international licence, you won’t be able to get a career with Emirates as a non-UAE national. The best way to do this is to get a Bachelor of Aviation here at the Holmes Institute for Aviation. This three-year comprehensive program takes you all the way to your CPL (the step before ATPL) and lets you build the skills and connections you need to work for a major airline like Emirates. Our unique combination of practical flight instruction and essential theoretical knowledge and skills gives you the perfect opportunity to start your career as a pilot. You’ll learn how to fly planes, understand aerodynamics, read and use different instruments, and be familiar with aviation law, meteorology, and more. It’s the perfect first step towards success as a pilot. 

Contact us for more information about getting started with your Bachelor of Aviation degree and learning how to become a commercial pilot today!

Building a Career in Emirates Airlines as a Pilot

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