Flying High In Aviation Management: A Growing Field of Opportunity

Flying High In Aviation Management: A Growing Field of Opportunity

Aviation management careers are taking off! Learn about a bachelor of aviation management and careers you can enter with an aviation management bachelor degree.

Have you ever thought about the complexities of aviation and air travel? Sure, the pilot flies the plane– but there’s so much more to commercial aviation than the plane itself! Aviation management staff are the unsung heroes behind air travel. There are thousands of roles these staff members play; everything from baggage handling to flight scheduling to security. And many of these careers are both fulfilling and lucrative– aviation management is a growing industry as the demand for air transportation for goods and people rises. Right now, the average salary for aviation management is almost $95,000, with entry-level positions starting around $77,000.

If that sounds intriguing, let’s explore the details of aviation management and find out how you can break into this exciting field!

What Is Aviation Management?

Aviation management is a very broad field. It includes numerous aspects of aviation operations, with one unified goal: safe air travel. This means that aviation management includes scheduling, controlling air traffic, and ensuring aviation safety. Airports hire aviation managers, and so too do regulatory bodies like CASA. Professionals in aviation management are responsible for ensuring the safe, efficient, and profitable operation of aviation-related businesses and organizations. 

In addition to aviation operational logistics, aviation management involves strategic planning and financial management, as well as regulatory compliance. Some aviation management positions involve forecasting industry trends, developing long-term goals, and expanding market presence. Airlines may hire strategic planners to develop entries into new markets or to plan airport coverage expansion. Regulatory compliance is also a vital part of the aviation management field. All areas of aviation must adhere to aviation laws and standards on both a national and international level. By integrating these elements, aviation management aims to facilitate safe, efficient, and economically viable air travel for passengers and cargo worldwide and here at home in Australia.

Careers in Aviation Management

There are numerous careers in aviation management that may appeal to a dedicated individual. Prospective candidates for aviation management positions should be detail-oriented and dedicated to following every step of a process. They also need to be able to see the big picture and understand how their job contributes to safer skies for everyone. Each of these careers can be incredibly rewarding and engaging.

Airline Management 

Airline managers oversee the day-to-day operations of an airline. This includes scheduling flights, managing aircraft fleets, ensuring compliance with aviation regulations, and optimizing revenue generation. Job titles may include airline manager, operations manager, or fleet manager.

Airport Management

Airport managers are responsible for the overall operation and management of airports, including terminal operations, ground services, security, and customer service. They ensure the smooth functioning of airport facilities and services to meet the needs of passengers, airlines, and other stakeholders.

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic controllers manage the safe and efficient movement of aircraft within designated airspace and on airport runways. They provide instructions and guidance to pilots to ensure the safe separation of aircraft and prevent collisions.

Aviation Safety

Professionals in aviation safety oversee safety management systems. These aviation management workers conduct safety audits and inspections, investigate accidents and incidents, and implement safety protocols to ensure compliance with aviation regulations and standards.

Aircraft Maintenance Management 

If you like working with your hands, this aviation management career might be for you! Aircraft maintenance managers oversee the maintenance and repair of aircraft to ensure they are safe and airworthy. They manage maintenance schedules, coordinate maintenance activities, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Aviation Logistics

Aviation logistics professionals manage the movement of goods and materials by air, including cargo operations, freight forwarding, and supply chain management. They coordinate the transportation of goods by air and ensure timely delivery to customers. Over a billion dollars’ worth of goods and materials move across Australia by air every year, so there is a major demand for aviation logistics!

Aviation Training and Education

Professionals in aviation training and education are involved in developing and delivering training programs for pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance technicians, and other aviation personnel. They may work for flight schools, training academies, or vocational education institutions. 

Getting An Aviation Management Bachelor Degree

If you want to go into aviation management, there are many ways to get into the field. Some entry-level positions require little in the way of formal education– but these jobs don’t always have the upward mobility and room for promotion that the aviation management industry can offer. Instead, you may want to consider going in for a degree, specifically a Bachelor of Aviation Management.

When you enroll as a Bachelor of Aviation Management student at Holmes Institute for Aviation, you open the door for some truly impressive career opportunities. Our students are privileged to develop specialized knowledge and learn from some of the top professionals in the industry. Our internship programs place our students in top aviation companies, dynamic and popular airlines, and at some of the best airports in Australia. They have access to cutting-edge technology and learning opportunities including flight simulators and aircraft maintenance labs to ensure that the education they receive is up-to-date with both industry standards and trends. 

An aviation management bachelor degree is an investment into the skills and knowledge you need for the career you want to pursue. Every class provides hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge that will place you on the fast track to an aviation management career. Our program is a three-year course at our top-of-the-line flight school in Melbourne. And best of all, the degree is FEE-HELP eligible, lowering the barrier to entry even further and making the degree more accessible to our students. 

There’s never been a better time to get into the field of aviation management. Sure, the pilot flies the plane– but aviation management gets it where it needs to go. To find out more about our aviation management bachelor degree, contact us with your questions– or check out our program page to find out more about how the Holmes Institute for Aviation can help your career take off.

Flying High In Aviation Management: A Growing Field of Opportunity

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