How Much Does A Private Pilot Licence Cost in Australia?

How Much Does A Private Pilot Licence Cost in Australia?

How much does a private pilot licence cost? Australia is home to many lucrative aviation careers. Learn what to pay for a private licence and start flying!

Do you dream of flight? Ever wanted to hop in a plane and take off across the bush, or shuttle you and your friends from city to city? Or perhaps you’re interested in a lucrative career as a commercial or air transport pilot, but want to find out if flying is for you first! Whatever the case may be, getting a private pilot’s licence in Australia is a question of aptitude, attitude, and cost. 

In addition to the gumption and drive needed to succeed in your training, a private pilot’s licence will incur a financial investment into your future. Here’s what you can expect to pay for a private pilot licence in Australia. 

All said and told, you can expect the following costs for your private pilot licence. 

  • Books & Maps: up to $500, but may be less depending on the courses you take
  • CASA Medical Certificate: About $500
  • Aircraft Lessons: About $400-$500 hourly depending on model of aircraft
  • Theory Lessons: Variable depending on your flight school
  • PPL Theory Exam: $150

Estimated Total Cost of a Private Pilot Licence: $30,000

Where do all of these costs come from? Let’s take a look at the requirements for a private pilot licence in more detail. 

Stepping Up To The Private Licence

In Australia, there are several steps of pilot licence available. Each level has more difficult requirements than ones before it. The steps are:

  • Recreational pilot licence (RPL)
  • Private pilot licence (PPL)
  • Commercial pilot licence (CPL) 
  • Air transport pilot licence (ATPL)

As you can see, the private pilot licence is the second step. So while you will need to do more than if you wanted to qualify for just an RPL, you don’t need to do nearly as much as you would to qualify for a CPL or an ATPL, the highest level of pilot licence. Each step has increased requirements for flight hours and instruction time, so let’s take a look at what you need for the PPL!

Private Pilot Licence Requirements

There are some elements that are non-negotiable when considering what goes into the private pilot licence cost. Australian regulations demand that PPL applicants have at least 35 hours of flight experience. The exact amount of experience varies depending on how you do your coursework. 

If you take an integrated training course, you are required to have 10 hours of solo flight time and 25 hours with a copilot. But if you take a non-integrated training course, you are required to log an additional 5 hours of flight time. 

All trainee pilots must also pass a written theory exam. That requires taking classes, buying textbooks and study material. You must also hold a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate, which you must register for through CASA

It takes most pilots an average of 6 months to complete their PPL requirements, and the final cost is frequently around $30,000. 

Interested in pursuing your Commercial Pilot Licence: Cost, Steps, and More 

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How Much Does A Private Pilot Licence Cost in Australia?

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